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About Bonnie's Limoges

All of our Limoges boxes are authentic, hand-painted collectibles from the finest French porcelain studios. Bonnie's Limoges works only with studios and importers we know and trust for their long-demonstrated commitment to quality. We are an authorized retailer of Artoria, Chamart, and Rochard, among other outstanding vendors. Knowledgeable collectors recognize these as names that set the standard for Limoges artistry exceptionally high.

These charming collectible boxes are truly miniature works of art, beautifully formed of fine French porcelain, exquisitely hand-painted and hinged by exceptional porcelain artists. Because each is individually hand made, no two of the same Limoges box will be identical. Slight variations in brushstrokes and color are to be expected, and are not defects.

As evidence of authenticity each Limoges box must be marked with the words Limoges and France to verify the origin of the porcelain and painting. Additional designations authenticate that the box is hand painted. The most common of these are Peint Main, Peint à la Main, Décor Main or Hand Painted. The box may also be marked with the name of the importer, initials of the artist, or the decorating mark of the Limoges studio, although these are not required. Each Limoges box comes with gift box and certificate of authenticity. 

Any fine product, be it cashmere, champagne, or crystal, varies in quality, workmanship and value depending on its origin and quality. There is crystal, and then there is Baccarat… So it is with Limoges boxes: Not all are equal in quality, and we are extremely selective about the quality of the boxes we carry.

Shop at Bonnie's Limoges with assurance that you will not find "look-alike" porcelain boxes, non-French copies, or even “authentic” boxes that do not meet high standards of quality (even though they may be from Limoges). I will not offer any box that I would not be proud to own, and we offer a full guarantee of satisfaction.