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Rochard Limoges Box Book of Veterinary Medicine Limoges Box
with Stethoscope and Dog Bone

Limoges box veterinary book with stethescope and bone


Our Veterinary Medicine open book Limoges box is a salute to the vets, well trained and animal loving who take care of our pets.

The open pages are painted with the veterinary symbol, the Aesculapius with superimposed "V". On the right side is a list of animals treated, in French, which translates to cats, dogs, horses, birds, snakes. A metal stethescope is placed on top.

Hand painted with great detail by outstanding porcelain artists in Limoges, France. What a great Limoges box to thank and honor your best friend's veterinarian.

Measurement: 21/2" x 11/2"" x 1/2"

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