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Turkey with ear of corn Limoges boxBonnie's Limoges presents an exquisite collection of first quality, authentic Limoges boxes from France. Each piece in our line has been lovingly hand painted and detailed on beautiful, world-renowned Limoges porcelain by exceptional porcelain artists in Limoges, France who follow the traditions of Limoges box painting handed down Roasted turkey under silver domefrom centuries past.



Tiny Porcelain Treasures

All of our Limoges boxes have been crafted and painted by hand in France. Each bears the prestigious Limoges France insignia. Many importers, such as Rochard, also have their company stamp added. witch on broom over crescent moon Limoges box with porcelain bat

The French words "peint main", "peint à la main" or "dècor main" all indicate that our Limoges boxes are entirely hand painted, though occasionally some studios will use the English "hand painted" for the American market of Limoges box collectors. Each Limoges box comes to you carefully packaged in a lovely gift box with certificate of authenticity.

Thanksgiving turkey in roasting pan Limoges box

Each beautiful Limoges box in our line was personally selected with a discerning eye for exceptional painting and detail. We take great pride in offering our customers the very finest pieces, and we carry the finest names including Artoria, Chamart, and Rochard. 

We offer an absolute guarantee that you will receive only authentic, first quality French LImoges boxes when you order from Bonnie's Limoges. Thanksgiving Native American couple

Many Limoges boxes are numbered, some in limited editions. Often a small porcelain "surprise" is placed inside to add to our delight when the box is opened. Most Limoges boxes have an imaginative and clever small painting inside that fits with the theme of the box.


To Collect and to Give

Limoges porcelain boxes were first collected by French royalty and nobility over two hundred years ago, and that same fascination with their captivating beauty and charm continues among collectors to this day.

turkey cloche limoges box

Captivating to look at, delightful to hold, Limoges boxes make thoughtful and personal gifts. Their almost limitless designs -- from the elegant classical styles to the delightfully whimsical -- have something to match everyone's taste, interests, and hobbies. Limoges box scarecrow with bird

The gift of a Limoges box is a wonderful way to commemorate life's special occasions, celebrations, and milestones, and a most romantic way to present an engagement ring or other small piece of jewelry.


Come in and be Charmed

We love shopping for new Limoges boxes as much as you do, and we regularly add new styles to our collection. Do add us to your favorites or bookmark us and check back often! We're also happy to place special orders from October canister Limoges box from the Rochard Studio Collectionthe many vendors we represent, and can have current, in-stock pieces from their lines delivered very quickly.

We hope you will contact us with any inquiry or special request. We love hearing from our customers and fellow collectors!

We have a large and beautiful Limoges box collection that we are sure will charm and delight you, and we invite you to browse our entire catalog by clicking on a category in our menu.